Leather Care Guide


Our leather originates from leading Italian tanneries serving global luxury fashion brands. Whilst leather is a resistant material it is nevertheless subject to wear and tear by external agents. The main purpose of the mobile phone case is to protect your device from falls and scratches. Given the frequent use of the mobile phone (on average 100 times/day) the majority of devices accidently drops on the ground provoking damages to the case. In case of a drop the leather will be damaged and exposed areas such as corners can breaks. The case is also subject to constant contact with humidity and dirt from hands, pockets in trousers, jackets and bags as well as being placed on different hard surfaces in various locations. Consequently, the mobile phone case is subject to intense wear and tear and will age faster than any other small leather goods. There are a few simple tips that could be useful for keeping your case in great shape over time. These are general instructions that applies for all our cases. Specific leather types like fur or real reptile may require individual treatment. Please note and read the enclosed card that comes with your new T.C.F. case.

Handled with care, this case will age with grace and develop a vintage look with slight changes in tone and colour. Avoid exposure to sunlight, humidity or contact with abrasive materials or grease from hand lotions. To restore the shiny look, the case can be polished with a neutral leather wax product. Brown or black cases can also use shoeshine products.

The printed animal cases are produced from calf skins treated with a special printing technique replicating some of nature’s most beautiful animal skins such as crocodile, python, lizard and stingray. Despite delicate motives, these cases are quite resistant to wear and tear and can be cleaned with a mild soap and a damp cloth if needed.

Real reptile skins are among the most exclusive and durable leathers in the world. Each skin and pattern are unique which makes the case truly individual. Our cases are exclusively. Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap if needed.