MagSafe EN


MagSafe is Apple's new attachment and charging system integrated into the new iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12/12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max phones. MagSafe is a further development of the previous Qi-charging system, where now components such as a magnetometer have been added to improve and increase the efficiency of the wireless charging between a Magsafe-charger and a MagSafe-compatible phone. To simplify, the iPhone 12 range phones are equipped with a built-in magnetic circle which, when connected to the MagSafe-charger and its circle of magnets, create an optimal circuit that enables faster charging due to the optimal positioning against each other.


To guarantee the best connection, and thus the most efficient charging, it is beneficial to also use MagSafe-compatible iPhone accessories. As an iPhone-case ends up between the charger and phone during the time of charging, we have developed a range of stylish MagSase-compatible iPhone covers made of genuine Italian leather that enables the use of the MagSafe charger as efficiently as Apple´s own MagSafe-compatible iPhone covers.
Our MagSafe-compatible iPhone cases have the magnets uniquely and elegantly places in an invisible track under the microfiber lining.

Magnets underneath the microfiber lining.

Make sure to also discover our stylish and elegant Qi-compatible wireless chargers that also match your case. 

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